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Fall classes: first impressions

Ok, now that I've had all my classes start, I can give my first impressions.

Frontpage: This is the first time I have heard a teacher say on the first day "If you bought the book that's supposed to be for this class, return it. You won't be needing it." As soon as I heard that, I had a feeling that this class was going to be good. As for the program, Frontpage doesn't look very complicated unlike making a webpage from HTML, which I admit was a little problematic.

Geometry: I might have a problem with this class, but I'm not talking about the homework or classwork. It's that fact that the teacher is probably one of the most boring teachers I've ever had. He just drones on and on in a kind of monotone voice about the example problems in the book. Then again, this is a math class, and in my opinion math is probably the most boring subject there is. I'm definitely going to have to make sure I get a good amount of sleep just to keep me from falling asleep in class.

Illustrator: I've gotta admit, this is a cool program and I'm looking forward to learning how to do some of the stuff that was shown at the beginning of class that was made by previous students. The teacher's cool as well, throwing in a bit of humor every now and when as he instructs.

I'm definitely going to be spending some time in the school's computer lab this semester.

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