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I don't think I can take much more...

Sorry to add any drama here, but I have to get this off my chest. If you don't want to read it, just skip past it.

I'm seriously thinking about quitting Blockbuster. It's not the people that I work with, but it's the people that we have to deal with every single day. Most of the time they're complaining about scratched DVDs and games that don't work like it's our fault. They never stop to think that we're not responsible for how people take care of the rentals. It's not just that, it's also those that take a rental off the rack and when they change their mind, they don't put it back where it belongs. Hunting for those misplaced rentals is the worst and it occasionally leads to the question, "Why would someone leave a R rated movie in the Kids section?". Heck, even a few of my co-workers are saying that our Blockbuster is probably the worst in Moreno Valley.

I really don't want to quit until Winter break hits but if things don't somehow get better, I'm going to start looking for a new job.

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