May 29th, 2007


The old Memorial Day weekend recap.

Well, this year's Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and nothing much happened over here during that time. The few big things that happened to me were my grandmother's surgery on her left leg (nothing serious, they just worked on it to help improve her movement since she's had some difficulty walking a lot) on Friday, some Dish Network installers coming by on Sunday to install a new DVR box, and my grandmother coming back from the hospital on Monday night. I also saw Pirates 3 on Saturday night, and it was one hell of a movie. They made sure to end this trilogy with a bang.

Anyway, I just sold off my college textbooks back to the bookstore today and I got about $130 for them, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. Especially since I was able to sell off all of my books instead of having one or more books not going for anything.
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