June 13th, 2007


Almost thought I was going to lose my hearing yesterday...

Yesterday was my sister's graduation from high school. I'll tell ya, if you were outside the football field while it was going on, you would probably think it was more of a football game than a graduation with all the yelling and cheering, and I was there in the middle of it.

However, most of the noise was not about the graduates, but about the god-awful PA system that was there that kept shorting out on the home side of the field. Regretfully, I was also on the home side with my family. As this kept happening, I thought to myself if the admins and organizers even thought about doing a test run with the system to find out about any possible problems.

Anyway, things got so bad that as soon as me and my family heard my sister's name (barely, I might add), we left and waited outside the field for her and headed home, and we were glad to be out of there.

By the way, does anybody know whoever created the annoyance known as the air horn, because I wonder if that person has ever had someone behind with one of those almost blaring their ears out.
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