June 25th, 2007


I wish my parents told me about this sooner...

Yesterday, my parents got a new cabinet (or whatever you call it, I really don't know) for the HDTV that my dad got for Christmas. The thing was that they didn't tell me that because they got the new furniture, they were going to put the furniture that was on the sides of the TV, these two tower shelves (you'll see pictures of them further on), into my room.

I immediately said after hearing their plans, "Your joking, right?" They weren't.

So before they could put in the new stuff, me and my parents were faced with the problem of getting the towers in my room since they were too tall for the door frame. What we ended up doing was my dad was wheeling them in on a dolly while me and my mom helped keep them from falling fully over. Trust me, it was a bit difficult, though the job did get done.

The only thing that was left was to figure out where all my displaced stuff was doing to go, since this also was supposed to replace a TV stand I used to have that had drawers in it since it was starting to fall apart. In fact, they already gave me a sort of replacement for it earlier (again, in the photos), though I didn't expect that I would get those tower shelves.

Here are the photos of them.
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Though I do have storage space now for my stuff, some of the space is taken up by a lot of old papers and things that my parents don't want moved. The thing is, a lot of the papers are from a long time ago. Heck, I found the manual for the old Sega Master System in the drawer of the right tower.
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