August 6th, 2007


Room setup: Part 2

You know how they say that hindsight is always 20/20? Well, my parents are now bordering on abusing that saying since my room got changed up again. This time it was because they decided to get a flat screen TV that you could hang up on the wall instead of have it set on something.

So here's what happened with my room. I lost three things in it. First, the cabinet that was the storage area for my game consoles and DVD player was taken out last week. I'll tell you right now, we must of had luck on our side when we were putting it into my room cause we had problems getting it out, making a hole in the wall of the second hallway at one point (though two holes were made, the other one by my dad by an accidental kick in) and we got it stuck at the turn into the main hallway and left a little damage while we were getting it out. As for the second and third, it was my old TV and what it was sitting on.

What I got from this switch up was my parent's TV stand and widescreen TV, both only over a year old. Personally, getting the stand wasn't was great as getting my old TV replaced since it was starting to come close to dying anyways (check the entry on July 23, I mention what it was starting to do). I also got their VCR as well, which isn't that big of a deal but at least I can watch all the movies that I have on VHS that I still have now.

Now I have to figure out where everything is going to go again, so thus begins another bout of trial and error. I'll get pics up of the new set up and also the damage that was left behind from the cabinet move.
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Pics of the damage and my room

Ok, I got the pictures, but I decided to take some pics of my whole room instead of just the new (and permanent, thank god) setup of my room.
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And that's it for the pics, but now I'm hearing them saying my bed needs to get replaced now. Will the insanity ever end...
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