August 17th, 2007


My "d'oh" moment of the day.

Ok, for the past week I've been in charge of keeping an eye on my grandparents' house across the street while they visit my aunt and uncle in Ohio before they officially move out to Ohio sometime in September. This meant that I have to turn the alarm on and turn it off on every Saturday for open house, take care of their plants, and of course, mow the front lawn when it needs to.

Well, today I had to mow the lawn since it was starting to look pretty bad, so I started mowing around 5 o' clock. There was just one thing that I completely forgot about: the sprinkler system turns on at 5:30. Yeah, as soon as those sprinklers started up, I just thought "You've got to be fuckin' kidding me."

So yeah, in the end I had to finish mowing the lawn wet since I didn't want to leave it looking half-done. This was definitely a d'oh on my part.
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