November 30th, 2007


*lets out a big sigh of relief*

It's official today that the flu is in my house. My sister just got the full blown symptoms today, and I went "Oh crap." However, I didn't say that because I was afraid of getting it, it was more of the fact that a month ago I actually bit the bullet and got a flu shot, even though I still hate shots. Pretty much my entire family got a flu shot, except my sister who refused to get one. Which is why she's sick with the full symptoms. I think I let out the biggest sigh of relief I have ever made knowing I decided to put aside my hate of shots and get the flu shot when I found out my sister caught the flu.

In other news, I think me and my dad will be putting up the Christmas decorations on Monday, hopefully, so I'll put up a pic or two of my house lit up if that happens. Also, it's actually raining here in SoCal as well, finally!