December 19th, 2007


Some people are not ment to use computers...

This was an actual call to a computer tech-support line:

Customer: Uhh, I don't have a 7 key.
Tech support: It's between the 6 and 8.
Customer: I don't have a 7 key.
Tech support: Do you see the 1 key?
Customer: Yeah.
Tech support: What's to the right of that?
Customer: 2.
Tech support: And further right?
Customer: 3,4,5,6.
Tech support: What's the next one?
Customer: 8.
Tech support: It should be to the left of the 8 and the right of the 6.
Customer: Ohhhh...THAT 7 key.

If I worked in computer tech-support and got a call like that, I'd probably quit right after.