December 31st, 2007


2007: The personal year in review

The low points of the year:

- Broke up with my girlfriend in late January due to all the bad stuff that was happening to her that was straining our relationship.
- Almost burned myself out in the spring semester of college with me taking English, History, and Biology all at once.
- Grandparents moved out of Moreno Valley after being our across the street neighbors for about 8 years.
- The Blockbuster that I work at has gotten worse and is ranked the worst in Moreno Valley.

The high points of the year:

- Finally got DSL in my house!
- Made plans to go to FC in 2008, my first con.
- Found the greatness that is the Funday Pawpet Show.
- Made new friends on LJ! *hugs for everyone*
- Completely passed Geometry on my second try in my fall semester.

As for the upcoming new year, I'm really looking forward to FC, meeting other furs and making new friends there in less than a month. I'll also hopefully save up enough money to get my first fursuit as well before 2008 ends.

Take care everyone and Happy New Year! *howls*