January 22nd, 2008


Final Pre-FC post

Thought I should make one final pre-FC post and give a little info about myself since this is my first con.

To spot me, I'll be wearing my grey Ratchet & Clank baseball cap, watch, jeans, wolf tail (commissioned, will be getting that Thursday around noon), and varying t-shirts. Those shirts are my brown Mythbusters "Undeniably Nerdy" shirt, my grey shirt with the face of a grey wolf on the front, two Sonic the Hedgehog shirts, and my black Legend of Zelda themed shirt. You also may see me occasionally playing my blue DS as well.

Feel free to say hi and introduce yourself if you see me somewhere, since this is my first con and I don't really know a lot of other furs.

As for where what I'll be doing early Thursday and where I'll be at, here is what's going on with me.

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Looking forward to having a blast!