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Back from FC
Yep, just arrived back home safely here in Moreno Valley after having a blast at FC. I'll be posting a con report later on, but right now I'm going to quickly put all the pictures I've taken onto my hard drive and then put them on Photobucket, followed by getting some sleep.

FC 2008 con report
Ok, this is going to be long so I'm putting a cut here to save everyone's friends pages.

Con Report behind the cutCollapse )

Overall, despite a few bummers, I had a blast at my first con. I admit that I am still feeling a bit of that post-con depression since it all just passed by so fast. Now I have to wait until the room block opens up for FC 2009 so I can see if I can get a spot in someone's room, followed by a ride to and from FC (Again, I'm not one to wait until the last minute. I'd rather get those things done so I can just focus on how much money I need to bring). I'm also looking forward to Big Blue Fox's FC 2008 video to see if I can spot myself in any of it.

Also, the photobucket album that has my FC pictures can be found here: My FC 2008 picture album Just a note, some of the pictures are not as good as they could have been since this was my first time using a digital camera (I bought it about a week before FC, along with a 1 Gig SD card) so I apologize for that. Tomorrow I'll put up scans of the con badges that I commissioned.