March 19th, 2008

Brian Reynolds

So long Blockbuster!

Yep, today was my last day working for them and next week on Tuesday I start my new job over at Game Crazy, so tomorrow I'll just be relaxing. I'll admit, I will miss the place a little since I spent a little over 2 years there, but I'm still glad to have gotten out of there.

Other than that, nothing much else going on. I'm doing well so far in my classes this semester, though I have made a mental note that mid-terms are coming up in less than 3 weeks, so I'm taking lots of notes so I don't miss anything when I have to study for them. I've also been trying to clear as many of the challenges in Brawl that I can, saving the golden hammers for the ones i know I can't beat, though from what I heard any of the challenges involving beating something on intense difficulty are actually immune to the golden hammer, so that kind of sucks.