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One word
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Happy Birthday and my first day on the new job.
First off, Happy Birthday zalno! Hope you're having a great day today!

Now, as for my first day at Game Crazy, it went pretty well. Did have a problem with the two TV's that hang from the ceiling and show trailers in the store when they weren't showing anything except static, and I volunteered to climb up a ladder to see what the problem was since I've had plenty experience with TV problems thanks to my old TV that I got rid of last year. Turns out one of the TV's AV cables became loose so I plugged those back in. As for the other, the AV cables went bad so they'll have to be replaced. Other than that, I'm glad to not have to take almost constant complaints about severely scratched DVD's anymore, though I know there will still be other complaints. You just can't get away from them.