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Starting a bit of spring cleaning...
Though it's more like spring reorganization with what's been going on when I came back home after my classes were done today. Basically, the maze that is the garage is being straightened out as much as it can to help get stuff out more easily since my parents are having a yard sale this weekend. So far, all of the Christmas stuff has been grouped and put towards the back of the garage, and the extra insulation material from when the house was getting an extra room added-on has been put into the attic, which I think is the first time we've ever stored anything up there. Sometime this week I'll have to take a look at the stuff I don't use anymore and decide what I should put out for the yard sale as well.

Also, tomorrow is April Fools day, and I know I'm probably going to fall for some prank on that day (I'll admit, I am a bit gullible so I'm kind of an easy target). More than that, though, I'll be turning 24 real soon as well.

Man, where does the time go?