April 4th, 2008


FC 2009, midterms, and a little video game humor.

Got a few things to write about today and something to show too. First off, I was wondering if anybody wouldn't mind letting me room up with them for FC 2009. I know this is early, but thanks to the big Senior Project that I had to do in my last year of high school, I've learned that waiting until the last minute does not work out well at all. I will pay my fair share for the room and I don't mind just having some floor space in the room, since truthfully that's all I need really. If anyone wants to reach me, go ahead and message me on AIM (wolfmage84), YIM (lightwarrior19), or Skype (gamer_wolf).

I'm also going to be hitting the books and my notes over the weekend and some of next week since next week is midterms for me. However, I'm going to have to check all the notes I've taken from physical science to make sure I'm not missing any since I didn't really put them all in the three ring I'm using for the class, some of them are in the sleeves. I really hope I'm not missing any. At least after midterms are over my Spring Break will start.

Lastly, one of my co-workers at Game Crazy told me about a funny cartoon that was done by the people of Homestar Runner that makes fun at the Wii safety precautions. I searched for it on YouTube and I cracked up. Here's the video for you all to see. Enjoy!