April 11th, 2008


Well, this has been an interesting week...

Yeah, it looks like life decided to give me two surprises along with my midterms this week. The first being that I was told that my folks and my sister are heading off to Ohio starting May 18 for a week to help out my grandmother on my dad's side. Now due to work and my classes, I can't go but at least I'll have the house to myself for a while. The other is that right now a friend of mine from Hawaii is here in town. However, she was supposed to leave this past Wednesday but unfortunately, her airline went bankrupt and stopped all flights, so she can't get back home yet which sucks, but at least she'll be in town for a bit longer.

This week also reminded me one crucial lesson as well on Monday morning, never pull an all-nighter study session and expect to not feel any after effects. Truthfully, I should have stopped before it got too late, but I just didn't feel like all the notes I was reading over were staying in my head, so I kept studying. I've really got to not do that again.

At least I'm through with my midterms and I feel like I did well on them.