April 21st, 2008


A birthday wish and back to the ol' college grind.

First off, happy birthday talynwolf! Hope everything is going great for you today!

Well, my spring break ended yesterday, and it was alright. I was glad that this year my birthday was a part of my spring break (again, thank you very much everyone for the birthday wishes!) and to just put my classes in the back of my mind for a little bit.

Also, with my classes starting up again, that means I get to find out what I got on my midterms and so far, it's good. I got an A on my Chemistry midterm and as for my Intro to Dreamweaver class I got a B+ (it was a "make a small website with these contents" midterm and unfortunately I forgot to double-check to see if the all of the links worked which dinged me a bit). All that's left is Physical Geography and that won't be until Friday so I've still got my fingers crossed on that one.