May 19th, 2008


Back from Califur

Hey everyone, I got back from Califur around 11:45 pm and just got finished unpacking my suitcase. I'll be putting up a con report tomorrow after I come back home from my classes.

Edit: Oops, when I typed this my comp's internal clock was off. Just fixed the entry to show the right time I posted this.
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Califur con report

Alright, here's what happened during the days I was gone to Califur, under the cut.
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Overall, I think this con was alright. It was great to see and talk to not just old friends, but new ones as well, and I'm glad for that, but the way the hotel staff and the people for the wedding acted was really, really bad. I personally hope that the staff for Califur find a different hotel because with this along with the way too much space of the hotel and lack of close-by inexpensive places to get something to eat, it just wasn't all that great. Still though, I would definitely come back next year, just to see friends and hang out 'cause that's what I expected the most out of this con.

Now, one other thing that happened during Califur was that my cellphone decided to start breaking down. At first it was just the main screen, which was inconvenient but I still had a second screen on the outside so I could tell who was calling and also the time. However, it got worse on the last day of the con when I lost the second screen and later, the top speaker. Luckily, my mother saved her phone (same model, but has a camera button to make it easier to take pictures with it), so I have a fully working phone again. I just have to re-enter the numbers I had on my old phone onto my new one though.