June 23rd, 2008


Weekend recap and other things

Well, this past weekend for me was a blast. It started on Thursday night when I was picked up by milesamatthias to stay over at his place for the weekend for the SoCal Furs BBQ that was going to happen on Saturday. Before that though, on Friday Miles and me hung out at Kane and Wolfbrother's place (btw, happy birthday again Wolfbrother) with other friends playing games and also ate out at Yamato, a cool Japanese restaurant. Then came BBQ on Saturday and it was great. Got to see and talk with friends, meet other furs and the park was just great despite how hot it got over there (I think the temp peaked out around 95, but that's just my guess). As for Sunday, it was just a hang out day with me and Miles playing the Karaoke Revolution games and watching some movies before taking me back home. Again it was one blast of a weekend and thanks again Miles for letting me stay at your place for the weekend, hope to do it again sometime.

Now, as for other things, to everyone who will be heading out to Anthrocon this week I hope you all have an awesome time at the con and I wish you all a safe journey to and from the con.

Also, comedy lost a great man today with the passing away of George Carlin. I have a few of his comedy CDs and also caught his past and new comedy specials on HBO whenever possible. One of my favorite parts of his comedy CDs was his tear down of certain sayings that we have in Back In Town. He will truly be missed.