December 11th, 2008


A Happy Birthday and the calm before the storm

First off, happy birthday brown_wolf! Hope you're having a great day today!

Now, I say the calm before the storm because next week is finals for me, so this week is going to be very busy for me. Good thing is that there's only really 2 classes that I need to be concerned about since I have a computer course again and the final is just a big project that I'm pretty much almost done with it thanks to the amount of class time that was given to work on it in order to get any help we need. Now, I mainly only need to study for my Health Science course so I probably won't be doing any all-nighter study sessions, but my Film Studies course is going to have me writing an essay, ugh.

I'll be glad when I'm through with finals, so then I can just look forward to FC in less than a month and a half.