December 31st, 2008


2008: Personal year in review

I gotta admit, 2008 was an exciting and somewhat turbulent year for me. Here's the big events that happened for me:

January: Went to my first con, FC, had a blast, and made quite a few new friends there!

February: Nothing much happened during this month, just buckled down and started searching for a new job.

March: Got hired by Game Crazy!

April: Nothing much here either, turned 24 and that's about it.

May: Went to Califur for the first time and despite what happened there, I was just glad to meet and become friends with the furs I met there, especially a certain someone who I'll mention later.

June: Got through my finals, and had what I think was my most stressful final ever thanks to Chemistry. Also had a great weekend staying over at milesamatthias place, visiting friends and went to my first Fur-B-Q event!

July: This was a big one for me, as I started going out with milesamatthias.

August: Went to Vegas with the folks, just looked around at the sights and relaxed.

September: Experienced the beginning of the big game release period for the first time behind the counter.

October: Pretty much was a quiet month for me.

November: Well, there was the election (I'll say no more about that since I know everyone's still tired of it), and I got hit by the Red Ring of Death on my 360 for the first time, but got a nice trade up thanks to Best Buy.

December: A rollercoaster month. Had finals and saw a few things happen to some friends that I wished I could have helped out more.

Now, as for this coming 2009, again I am looking forward to hopefully spending more time with my friends and to going my second FC and seeing all of my friends and making new ones too. Also, got a few games to look forward to, like Resident Evil 5, and pretty much just hoping that this year will be better for everyone.

Happy New Year my friends, I hope 2009 starts you all off well. *howls*