January 29th, 2009


FC 2009: Con report, pictures, and...con crud?

FC 2009 was just total awesomeness. However, I think I'm going just list off some things that happened at the con since I don't feel like writing a big summary of what happened thanks to me catching some con crud.

- Me, Miles, and Summercat arrived at the Doubletree at 4 am Wednesday, which was a surprise along with us getting our rooms at 7 am.

- Pretty much hung around in the 1st floor like I said I would do last year after FC, though I did see the Fursuit Makeover panel and the Live Wild Animals panel. I was also at every dance too.

- 530 suiters in the parade! Holy cow!

- First time seeing the Critterlympics!

- First time being at the Dead Dog dance since last year I had to leave early since my ride had an emergency to take care of.

- Was awesome seeing, talking and hanging out again with Kane, Wolfe, Talyn, Khyle, Crash, Firewolf, Brown Wolf, Domafox, Growly, Bucker, Keto, Syrus, JD Puppy, Trigger Happy Squirrel, Quietfire, NitroShep, Bradhound, Tabbicus, Bacon Coyote, EB, Tsuyoto, Nekomon, Far, North, TerkWolf and Rubbertex!

- It was also awesome meeting Dex, Big Blue Fox, KP, Yappy, Blazger, Frostcat, Kataru, Tav Nymblewynd, Keeshanic, Cornwall, Yakeo, Xavier, V, Gusty Fox, Sigma Wolf, Scruff E. Coyote, Brokken, Bucktown, Feros, Gaz A, Andy Bear, Raiken, Wolfy, and Howee.

FC 2009 was amazing, now I'm looking forward to seeing how FC 2010 will be like with the con moving to the Fairmont in downtown San Jose. The Doubletree was good, even though I've only been there for FC for 2008 and this past con, but I'm excited to see how things go with all the bigger space and new scenery.

Also, all my FC pictures are on my Photobucket account. Here's a link to the album: http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii289/gamer_wolf/FC%202009/?start=0 Just a note, the ones that don't have a title are because I don't know the name or names of the people or suiters.

Well, that's it for my short con report. I'll be resting as best as I can and drinking plenty of OJ to help get myself well again.