March 15th, 2009


What's up with me...

Unfortunatly it hasn't been a whole lot, mostly work and my classes, which are both doing well. Work was pretty busy the past few weeks with several big game releases coming out, but with those done, I expect things will start to calm down a bit. As for my classes, I gotta admit my Art Appreciation course is a pleasant surprise as to how much I'm learning about the history of art and it's types. I have to say I'm glad I chose to take this to put units into one of the required class areas for me. U.S. history is going well, and Intro to Photoshop is working out great, I'm glad I finally get to learn how to use this program since I know it can do quite a bit.

That's pretty much it for what's been going on in my life, hope everything is going well for you all.