April 6th, 2009


The beginning of midterms...

Yep, before I get to my Spring break, which this time falls on the same week my birthday is at, I have to go through my midterms. I just had my Art Appreciation midterm today and it wasn't that bad, though that course was my least concern. My major concern is my U.S. History midterm on Wednesday since there's quite a bit of stuff I need to keep in my head when Wednesday rolls around.

After midterms is over I'm looking forward to having one concern in my life paused for one week, especially since I really need it in my opinion. Yeah...last week was pretty rough on me, though I won't go into any specifics. Let's just say I pretty much ran head first into a storm where a lot of things went wrong that I'm still recovering from.

Man, I really wish this week would go by faster to the weekend.