June 8th, 2009


Califur con report

All in all, this was a pretty good con in my opinion. First off, the new hotel was much, MUCH, better. They were definitely more welcoming and helpful, unlike that other hotel that will not be mentioned anymore. The furry variety show was pretty good, and 2's show was awesome and I'm glad I finally got to see him live. And of course, I and Miles were glad to see the Tetris Attack tournament on Saturday having such a turnout on such short notice.

However, there were still a few problems, like registration having problems, but some of it was due to tech problems and I completely understand that technology likes to have Murphy's Law happen to it at the worst times, and the cabaret show started way behind time due to some miscommunication between the hotel and con staff, but those will definitely be ironed out come next year. Other than that, the only thing I hope they do is have some more events and panels, especially tournaments since the Tetris Attack tournament me and Miles did was the only one that happened and it will be coming back next year.

Still, this con was about seeing and hanging out with friends and meeting new ones too, and that's what really made this con for me. I'll definitely be coming back in 2010.