July 30th, 2009


Sorry about the silence

Yeah, didn't mean to not update about what's going on with my life everyone, but to tell the truth, nothing much has been going on really other than the routine of work, coming home, and either just relaxing or playing a game. Still, there are a few things I will talk about.

First off, I found out a few weeks ago that my college is raising their fees AGAIN. This completely ticked me off and with this upcoming semester having the remainder of the core classes, I will be finished with college after this coming semester. I plan on later on in my life to look into a tech college to finish my education in web page design, but that's only when I can handle it financially.

Also, starting on August 9 and until the 13th, I will be on vacation with my folks in Vegas. The resort my folks had a share in has been completed and we will be staying there no charge. I'll try to get pics this time now that my camera isn't being used by someone else.

And that's pretty much it. I'll try to post more updates about my life, but again, things are pretty much quiet over here.