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No more finals! Yahoo!!

Man, am I glad to be finished with finals. Here's a rundown of what happened today and the past 2 days:

Monday: English Composition was first up, had to do a paper for the final in class in the computer lab on the subject of morality. Good news was that the instructor didn't expect a five page paper, but several things had to be covered in the paper.

Tuesday: Had two finals, first was U.S. History. The final was mostly multiple choice, but had a few questions that had to have written answers. After that came a bit of a break with the final in my HTML class since the final was just to make our own websites and I already turned mine in a week before (especially since the instructor used the class time for the past two weeks for letting the class work on the final and get help). All that happened was just showing off our websites and getting our grades on the spot. I made it through the class with an A-.

Today: Last final for me was my biology final and this too was mostly multiple choice as well. The only thing on the final that wasn't multiple choice was a part where you had to look at a cell through a microscope and you had to sketch the cell and label it's parts. That was one of the few times I sketch something since my artistic talent is not really good.

At the end of this whole thing, I feel pretty confident that I did well though I won't be able to find out the rest of my grades until about two weeks from now.

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